Things change very fast in the stock market so It is important for all the equity investors to keep track of their businesses and the sector they have invested in. I am not just talking about the price of individual stocks but talking about the underlying business or assets that drive those prices.

Third quarter earning season had kicked in and now we also have detail report of our monetary policy from RBI for references. For macroeconomics factors we are looking forward for Finance minister to present budget in the month of Feb.

Value operations are not a bunch of analyst who looks closely to every aspect of the business as any brokerage house does before releasing their reports. We rely on the financial and consensus data from the third party and feed them on to our platform and in turn platform produces quality rating and calculates intrinsic values.

Let’s look at the performance of the market and the list of 10 quality stocks that we shared with you last month.

NSE 50 Stocks 1.64%

Name Performance Expected IV for 2013 March Actual IV for 2012
SBBJ 4.29% Rs 770 Rs 595
Indian Bank -0.86% Rs 315 Rs 388
Andhra Bank -5.48% Rs 170 Rs 192
Allahabad Bank -4.33% Rs 250 Rs 311
Geometric 1.19% Rs 125 Rs 103
Zensar Tech -9.34% Rs 310 Rs 341
J&K Bank 5.03% Rs 1850 Rs 1423
PNB 4.28% Rs 1160 Rs 1520
Mindtree 14.10% Rs 850 Rs 492
GMDC Ltd -10.88% Rs 205 Rs 152

* Performance – As of 31st Jan 2013

Again, let me remind you all that not all quality companies are good for investment. With quality we also want management working hard to add value in its business every year. This is the reason we look for businesses where management is adding value within those businesses.

If you own any of the above 5 stocks then we would appreciate your rationale behind it. We are interested in those businesses to be added in our portfolio. Let me clear you here that we are not renters of the stock where we sell them and move out for little gains. 

Happy Investing!!