It’s a weekend time and if you manage your own equity investments then this blog will be a good insight to fresh up your knowledge and to focus back on your investment goals. We are in the middle of full year and quarter 4 earnings season for the 2015 and to take rational decisions it is always good to take a small dosage of insight from the world’s best investor.

Below you will find best of Warren Buffett’s interviews from the past 4 years which can help us all to refresh our knowledge and understanding of investments in the equities and help to take rational decisions in the year 2015. Well, his insight and investments are all about investing in the USA market but the fundamentals of investments that he talks can be applied in any market.

He talked about investing in the earning powers and why he doesn’t like to invest in the gold and other commodities. When we bought Amar Raja, Mindtree or Axis bank for example we never thought that we will make more than 200% return within two years of investments. We bought those stocks two years back because they were trading at discount at that time. We like to invest in the commodity producing companies rather than directly into the commodities. For example, Hindustan Zinc earnings before interest depreciation and taxes margin is more than 50% and that is the earnings power of that business.

It is one and a half hour long video but the first 30 mins is where we want you to focus on and understand the concept of earnings power and intrinsic value.

Hope you like this post.

Happy Investing!!