Kitex Garment up 20%! Is it sustainable…?

A lot of exciting things happening in the market. We seen 20% jump in the stock price of Kitex Garment yesterday! Was there any change in the fundamentals of the business?

As per available information in the market we did not find any fundamental change other than consideration of issue bonus shares and dividend to […]

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Why finance world is worried about Deutsche Bank?

According to IMF, “Among the globally systemically important banks, Deutsche Bank (DB) appears to be the most important net contributor to systemic risk”. This statement had raised lot of concerns in the global market.

Last week few of the large hedge funds withdrew their prime brokerage business from DB, resulting in decline of its share […]

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Why LIC buying these stocks…..?

After reading Financial express blog and checking exchange reports we found that LIC bought 72.16% of 20.65 crore shares of the SAIL in the auction. (Click here to read that post).

Why LIC is buying such poor quality businesses which are even giving lesser returns than banks fixed term deposits and also on top of […]

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Aziz @ moneycontrol experts column: What you need to look out for in Balance Sheet

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Value Operations On Money Control Expert Columns

Article on Basic of Investing Money Control Expert Columns

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Media and News Article

Article on Basic of Investing Money Control Expert Columns

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Word of Wisdom

“Two requirements for success on wall street;the first is to think correctly and the second is to think independently.” Charlie Munger

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Bharti Airtel 2011 Vs Bharti Airtel 2010

This is what I found looking at their results. Lets start with 2010: The company had very less debt. The gearing they had in 2010 was 11.93%. The EPS for 2010 was reported 23.67. This brings the ROE of 25%. The net cost of gearing or debt for the whole year was 17.8 crore Rs.

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