Oil & Gas sector: Lets look back….

We did looked into this sector and also published our white paper in April 2014. At that time this was the only sector which was trading at discount. There were many macro and geopolitical concerns at that time playing a dovish role on the market.

We did talked about three companies (ONGC, Oil India and […]

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Mr Election Commissioner we just lost 50K crore in value because of your defer notice..!: ONGC Investors

With the recent request by Indian Election commissionaire to Oil Ministry to defer the fuel price till elections get over have given the hiccups to the industry and to the investors. Last year ONGC reported a Net Profits of Rs 23,990 crore (EPS = Rs 28.31) with total revenues of Rs 162,386 crore. This […]

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    General Election 2014: Are you ready with your Investment Plan?

General Election 2014: Are you ready with your Investment Plan?

Many investors on the street are talking about ‘election Bull Run’. Many analysts and reporters are talking about how Indian Equity market reacts to General elections of the country. Many bloggers are also trying to fill the gap of analysis and draw a probability tree of what will happen to the economy if any […]

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Petronet LNG: The change in future Prospects

Petronet LNG: If we look at the market a year back, it mirrors the same today. It had hardly moved anywhere, whether you look at Nifty 50, Sensex 30 or NSE 500. So if you had invested your funds into any of these indexes at same proportion than you have just lost 10% of […]

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Not out of woods yet….

We are back here to throw more light on Bharti Airtel and indication on how market behaves and has its own mind. We have said it before you cannot trust on market and take investment decisions. Market can mislead and should not be trusted if you are long term investors. We had written earlier […]

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Swaraj Engines: Suprise Dividends…!!

A jump in Swaraj Engine on the news of special dividends of Rs 20 per share was like early fireworks of Diwali. A dividend of Rs 33 per share on a market price of Rs 446.60 is a return of almost 7% on theinvestments. But are the investors not getting the bottom line of […]

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    Infosys: Guidence or Analysts’ shattered Investors dream…?

Infosys: Guidence or Analysts’ shattered Investors dream…?

A drop of 21% in the Infosys shares was a shocking event for almost all the investors in the Infosys. I was browsing through almost all the financial portals and there were big headline like, “Infosys Q4 disappoints; downgrades loom on weak guidance”, “Analysts again wrong footed by Infosys numbers” says Santosh Nair editor […]

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Swaraj Engine: Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow…

I have written a post almost 15 months back on Swaraj Engine and it was similar position where we stand today in regards to investment within this business. Unfortunately, its market price is almost similar to what it was trading 15 months back. It won’t be fair not to disclose that its marketprice per […]

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Hamara Bajaj…

Bajaj Auto A1 Industry: 2 & 3  wheeler auto After almost two months a new name of A1 business entered in our watch list. We are very active from last two and a half years in the Indian […]

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Action Construction Equipment

A very good friend of mine had asked my view on Action construction equipment. We just thought to take this opportunity and write on how I analyse these stocks. My friend sent me an email stating he really likes this company and the reason he got attracted to this business is because government is […]

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