Mr Election Commissioner we just lost 50K crore in value because of your defer notice..!: ONGC Investors

With the recent request by Indian Election commissionaire to Oil Ministry to defer the fuel price till elections get over have given the hiccups to the industry and to the investors. Last year ONGC reported a Net Profits of Rs 23,990 crore (EPS = Rs 28.31) with total revenues of Rs 162,386 crore. This […]

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Coal India & GMDC… Are they Value Trap?

There are 62 different industries trade in stock market of India. Not all of them will do well in the future. What is your flavour to invest with in India today? Looking at our own portfolio, we are more attracted towards the IT, Bank and Mining industries that operate in India. Well, we are […]

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What is at discount in Indian Equity markets …

What do you do when your favourite chocolate in the super market is selling at discount? Well, chocolates are my favourite so I would go and grab few more then usually for two reasons. First that I will save!! And the second reason is because I like them a lot. We know many or […]

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    10 Businesses which are still trading at Discount… worth to Investigate for 1st Quarter 2013!!

10 Businesses which are still trading at Discount… worth to Investigate for 1st Quarter 2013!!

We are standing close to the start of new Calender year 2013. As the year 2012 comes to conclusion, yet again we are able to beat Nifty index (almost 100%) return for our investor/private portfolio holders. We would also like to thank all of our readers for their continuing support and helping us to […]

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    BHEL: Trading at discount… But is it worth to acquire now..?

BHEL: Trading at discount… But is it worth to acquire now..?

As soon as market starts trading at its 52 week high we hear alarm bells ringing and many investors think its time stay away from market and wait for consolidation. Suddenly market resists to fall down and investors start feeling that it won’t go down and they start gaining confidence and come back to […]

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Advanta India

We suddenly see a change in mood by many analysts and market pundits. I feel bad for all those retail investors who follow them and bought stocks on their recommendations. Following word of wisdom comes to mind … two requirements for success on Wall Street; the first is to think correctly and the second […]

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Is a crack in Maruti price a good opportunity to buy…???

  The recent incident at Manesar plant had really cracked Maruti price down from Rs 1240 to Rs 1090. Many investors are jumping into to accumulate as many as possible.   Many brokerage houses and analysts have come out with their estimates. One of the brokerage houses has estimated that Maruti is making a […]

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Ester Industries

Let me thank Assik first for coming up with his queries regarding the above-mentioned company. I would really appreciate to come up with your views and the companies you are tracking to share on blog. I am dividing this post in 3 parts. First I will talk about the quality then intrinsic value and […]

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Alok Industries

‘Get it right-first time and every time’, this is the phrase used by the Alok Industries in their website while talking about the Quality. I am pretty sure that Alok Industries does its best to keep their quality high and achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Many people emailed me about what I think of Alok […]

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Looks Market Got Ticket for Over Speeding!!

Have you heard that all the stockbrokers and analyst are talking about how the big guns are behaving? Have you seen them talking about how the prices are deteriorating?   In a short run prices move independently of all these underlying stock. So lets encourage markets to decline!! As a value investor you should be […]

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