Q1 – 2016

Castrol India results Q1 2016

Castrol India reported its first quarter results yesterday and investors have cheered it by taking stock price up by almost 6% in yesterday’s trading. Here are the few key points that we have taken from the results.

Total income from operations had jumped up by 7% compare to last year same quarter.
EBIDTA margins […]

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HCL Tech: Q1 2016

HCL Tech:

IT space is the sector where we are witnessing flat growth in its earnings in dollar terms. The competition is tough and developed countries economies are facing jitters. But nothing stays permanent and should not matter as long as management understands the 5 forces of Porters.

HCL Tech reported its first quarter revenues up […]

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Wrap up first quarter 2016


We have seen world markets falling down in the last month and our own market have seen terrible month. Nifty 50 has fallen down by almost 9% and market participant are still anticipating more hiccups to come in the future.

It is time to focus, don’t let price to be your master. It is a […]

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Keep It Simple…: Mindtree Q1 2016

For many retail and first time investors the share market might seem complicated, daunting and impossible to understand. One day market falls thinking that Greece will default or China’s stock market is crashing down or USA companies reporting weak quarterly numbers. The next day it is up because Greece never defaulted, China’s market recovers […]

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Gruh Finance: Is it good to buy today?

We always advocate to invest in the good quality businesses and buy them when your research says that they are trading cheap. Gruh finance released its first quarter results last week and you will notice everyone in the media are talking about their results as a positive results but still Gruh finance has dropped […]

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    TCS Q1: 2016 : Is slow growth a worry for Short/long term…?

TCS Q1: 2016 : Is slow growth a worry for Short/long term…?

If you are a TCS shareholder than think about it this way, you all had so far invested Rs 50,635 crore and last year your business made a net profits of Rs 20,060. This translates a return of 40% on the equity.

Last year they paid out Rs 18,200 crore as dividends inclusive taxes i.e. […]

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