Q2 – 2016

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    Castrol India Q2 – 2016: Will it beat its earnings estimate?

Castrol India Q2 – 2016: Will it beat its earnings estimate?

Castrol India reported its second quarter and half yearly results for 2016 yesterday. The results look like this:

Castrol India
Q2 – 2016
Q1 – 2016
Q2 – 2015
% change Q-Q
% change Y-Y
1H – 2016
1H – 2015
% change

Total Income


EBIT Margin
1.93 Bpt
2.4 Bpt
2.71 Bpt

Net Profits


Looking at the above table, Castrol India is seeing a momentum of growth in its […]

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What do you think about this business…?

There are very few good companies at moment which have fallen down from cliff. Eicher Motors had fallen down to Rs 15,000 from its Rs21,000 highs just few months ago.

We haven’t seen any major shift in the fundamentals of Eicher motors. Looking at their nine months results the Net sales have climbed up by 33%, […]

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    JK Bank: What we think about this bank after first half 2016 results

JK Bank: What we think about this bank after first half 2016 results

Most of the quality business that we follow and intend to invest are trading at premium prices. To put in numbers we think only eight of one hundred quality business are trading at discount.

We always advocate to invest in the good quality business and we still think that JK bank is the investment […]

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Nestle India: Why we will still not buy Nestle?


Before we get into debate of why we will still not buy Nestle India let us look at its 9 months results and how this business had faired.

The total income from operations had fallen down by 15%, EBITA had fallen down by 19% and net profits by 56% compare to last year. The culprit […]

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Dabur India: Is it cheap to buy ?

Dabur is the local brand in the personal care sector with its unique products it does have its competitive edge in its business. They reported return on equity of 36% last year and that attractive returns do attract all the investors to invest in it.

The first half of 2016 have seen revenues grow by […]

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Earnings Update: Week 5

The earning season is about to end and this week we will be looking very closely two important companies and then end our earnings update for this quarter. We did found that majority of businesses missed out analysts’ earnings expectation which is a very common in nature. As long as businesses are on track […]

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Amar Raja Batteries: Is it good to buy now?


Amar Raja Batteries had fallen down more than 20% in the last month and after looking at subdue first half results of 2016 a lot of pessimistic views have emerged in the market which is not helping the price in the market.

If we look at the results of first half of 2016 than revenues […]

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City Union Bank: First Half 2016

So far we have seen City Union Bank first half results as the weakest in the private sector banks. The total income for the first half grew by only 7% and the net profit by 14% compare to first half last year.

The cost of funds jumped up by 5% which many will debate saying […]

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Axis Bank: First half 2016

Axis Bank: First half 2016:

Axis Bank released its 2nd quarter results on 27th October 2015 and they reported a growth of 18% in the total income compare to first half last year. Like all other banks they have witnessed 17% rise in their interest expenses to source the funds. The net profits after taxes […]

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HDFC Bank: Is it cheap to buy today?

HDFC Bank is one of the leading private sector bank with biggest network of its branches and ATM machine. They are also one of the leaders in the asset management business and has a track record of growing their profits by 30% every year.

But from last eight quarters they are facing a lot […]

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