Q2 – 2017

Kitex Garment Q2 -2017: What are you doing with this stock?

What are you doing with this stock? Kitex Garment came out with negative Q2 results few days back, and we received many emails in regards to our view on this company. We hold Kitex Garments stocks in our fund and also we recently added in our portfolios that we share with you on monthly […]

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    Hero Motocorp q2 – 2017: All about the company you should know…

Hero Motocorp q2 – 2017: All about the company you should know…

Hero Motocorp world’s biggest manufacturer of two wheeler bike reported its q2 and half yearly results two days back. The stock price is trading at Rs 3,350 and if you are looking to buy, sell or hold this stock then you should know these few facts of the business.

Hero Motocorp sold 6,74,961 units in […]

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Jubilant Foodworks q2 – 2017

Jubilant Foodworks reported its q2 – 2017 and half yearly results yesterday and its stock price now trading just above Rs 1,000 per share. Is this stock worth for investments now?

Jubilant Foodworks own the Domino’s Pizza and Dunkin Donut outlets. They operate in a stiff competition environment where it is hard to grow revenues and […]

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    Axis Bank, HDF Bank & Kotak Mahindra Bank q2 – 2017 report card

Axis Bank, HDF Bank & Kotak Mahindra Bank q2 – 2017 report card

We are talking about 3 private sector banks which in total have market cap of Rs 588,985 crore (87.90 billion US$). They pretty much represent close to 15% of Indian banking sector. All the three banks came out with their results yesterday where, Axis Bank disappointed with its performance so far in this financial […]

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Indiabulls Housing Finance q2 – 2017

Indiabulls Housing Finance reported its second quarter and first half 2017 financial reports last week. We do believe this sector will do far better in creating wealth for investors for the next 3 – 4 years.

If we look at its quarterly results, total income from operations had jumped up by 26.45% on YoY basis […]

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    Intrinsic value spectrum of IT companies are changing fast…

Intrinsic value spectrum of IT companies are changing fast…

Most of the big IT companies had come out with their second quarter and half yearly results. We had seen weak and negative numbers from most of the companies and are petrified will erase companies’ intrinsic values this financial year.

We are also watching closely this sector for any opportunities available to invest. Many IT […]

HCL Technologies Q2 report card 2017

Almost after two years we had seen revenues growing in double digit for HCL Technologies in Q2 report card. So far HCL Technologies is the only company (Big Company) who had reported double digit revenue growth in its Q2 results.

Total income from operations jumped up by 14.09% to Rs 11,519.21 crore on YoY basis. […]

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Hindustan Zinc Q2 report card 2017…

Hindustan Zinc came out with its Q2 report card for 2017 yesterday. The second quarter was far better compare to the first quarter of 2017. But it was disappointing result if we compare with the last year second quarter.

Hindustan Zinc is trading at Rs 250 per share, the stock price had climbed almost 31% […]

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Havells India first half report card 2017…

Havells India is today trading at Rs 425 per share. This translates its market cap of Rs 26,537 crore. Are valuations of Havells India are rationale today?

Before heading in to the valuations let us look at its second quarter results. Total income from operations for the quarter had jumped up by 8.77% to Rs […]

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DHFL Q2 report card 2017…

We are keeping close eye on the NBFC’s as quarter of our funds are invested in this sector. Here are the numbers of DHFL recent results:

Q2 – 2017
Q2 – 2016
1H – 2017
1H – 2016



Net Profits


Looking at the above table it looks DHFL margins had improved. They had seen growth of 19.66% on QoQ basis […]

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