Q4 – 2016 & Full year

SBI: financial results 2016

India’s biggest bank SBI reported its full year financial results last week. Investors were looking at its results very closely to get insight on how bad the situation is within SBI and what to expect from its peers in coming quarters.

If we look at very closely then total income from operations went up by […]

Axis Bank or ICICI Bank: Where to invest?

We got few emails in regards to what we think about ICICI bank and which one should we pick if we want to invest in the banking sector from these two.

Both the bank operate in the private sector and if we look at the balance sheet then ICICI bank is almost double the size […]

Larsen & Toubro: Financial results 2016

Larsen & Toubro is one of the heavy weight company on the index and as I am writing this article it is almost trading up by 9% in the market. Let us have a glance on its results and understand is there a real opportunity to make money at these levels by investing in […]

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    JK Bank: Financial reports 2016 (Exclusive registered users content)

JK Bank: Financial reports 2016 (Exclusive registered users content)

Is it a good time to sell or hold JK Bank?

I wanted to pen down my views on when to sell any stock next week when we report the portfolio returns next week for the month end May 2016. But today we got this real life opportunity to explain you when should you sell […]

ITC: financial results 2016

Last Friday ITC reported its financial results for 2016 and yesterday we had seen market giving thumbs up to its performance and price of its stock jumped up by 5%. This is how we look and compare its results.

Compare to last year 2015
Our view

Up by 2%

Up by 7% at Rs 23,110.27 crore

Net Profits
Up by […]

Lupin Ltd: is it good to buy now? Financial results 2016

Not too long ago Lupin was trading at Rs 1,900 per share and many investors who bought at that price or anything in the range of Rs 1,700 – Rs 1,900 they were of the hope that it will soon breach Rs 2,000 levels and if it does so then it will keep trending […]

The Perfect Storm is to hit the market

Many investors are aware of what is happening in the banking sector, but could not relate what impact it will bring to the whole economy. We are talking about 1.1 million crore rupees of bad debt that many of us are expecting to be officially announced this year and the whole year through by […]

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    How ugly Public sector bank in India can be: Bank of Baroda financial result 2016

How ugly Public sector bank in India can be: Bank of Baroda financial result 2016

What we are seeing ‘Face off’ situation in the banking sector today, was ‘work in progress’ from last at least 3 -5 years. We haven’t seen many PSU banks qualifying our investment grade business from last four years.

Bank of Baroda reported its full year results last week and suddenly investors see ugly face of […]

Maruti Suzuki full year results 2016

We do not track Maruti Suzuki because of our strict discipline of investing only in A1, A2 and B1 grade businesses only. Maruti Suzuki’s current grading is B2 and we do expect its grading to improve to B1 by next financial year.

Let me throw some light on how we grade these businesses. We divide […]

Hero Motocorp Full year results 2016

India’s one of the biggest two wheeler manufacturer Hero Motocorp reported its full year financial results last week. The number of two wheelers sold in the 2016 financial year was 6,632,322 units compare to 6,631,826 units sold in 2015. The volumes remain unchanged.

Total income from operations was up by 4% to Rs 28,613.73 crore […]