Q4 – 2016 & Full year

Eicher Motors full year results 2016

It was the five quarter year for Eicher Motors as they changed their financial year period from Jan – Dec to April – March from this financial year. Eicher Motors is one of the fastest growing automobile business in the country, reported its financial results last week. Here are the few notes we took […]

HDFC full year results 2016

We follow very closely HDFC business as we have investment interest in the sector they operate and HDFC is the leader and share a big pie of market share. HDFC operates in the home loan segment plus also in the life and general insurance segment.

We do like the mix of home loans with life […]

HCL Technologies third quarter results 2016

There is no doubt that this financial year is the bad year for HCL Technologies and will destroy its intrinsic value from the past year instead of adding anything towards it. As a result we have seen a lot of pressure on its stock price in the last nine months. As per NASSCOM the […]

Axis Bank financial results 2016

Axis bank reported its 4th quarter and full year results for 2016 last evening. The market was a bit in shock after looking at the numbers, as they reported 1% drop in its earnings compare to last year quarter. This was more to blame to provisions for bad loans. Over all for the full […]

Indiabulls Housing Finance financial report 2016

As expected, Indiabulls housing finance had reported very strong numbers for the year end 2016. The guidance for the 2017 is also strong, where they are expecting its earnings to grow between 20% – 25%. We did talked about this business in our exclusive content ‘Indiabulls housing finance’ last week. To access this content […]

HDFC Bank: Full year results 2016

HDFC Bank reported its 4th quarter and full year results last week. The total interest earned jumped up by 25% compare to last year and total income by 24% to Rs 74,373.22 crore.

As of 31st March 2016, banks have collected deposits of Rs 545,873.29 crore up by 21% compare to last year. This healthy […]

Wipro results 2016 & outlook for software industry in India

Most of the big IT companies had come out with their full year results and we had seen one common pattern within them, ‘big dividends payout’. Most of the big and quality businesses are already sitting on hefty cash and are keen to grab any opportunity arises from within the industry to invest. Holding […]

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    TCS after its full year financial results (Exclusive registered users content only)

TCS after its full year financial results (Exclusive registered users content only)

TCS had reported its fourth quarter as well as full year results early this week. Total revenues had jumped by 11% and net profits by 22% compare to last year, beating most of the analyst’s full year profit estimates marginally. For the current financial year, many analysts are expecting earnings to grow by 10% […]

Bajaj Corp: 2016 financial report

Bajaj Corp reported its 4th quarter and full year financial results yesterday. The reported earnings per share (EPS) were far below to consensus expectation of Rs 16.99 per share. They reported their full year EPS of Rs 13.31. The net revenues for the full year grew by mere 6% (far below GDP) and net […]

Kitex Garments: Full year results 2016

Kitex garment is ‘A1’ quality grade business and we do follow its results very closely. They reported their financials for the year end 2016 last week. From the last three years the management had created good value for its shareholders and we do expect as all the other shareholders that it continues same way […]