Eicher motors released its 4th quarter results for the year end 2016 which were very impressive. The net revenues had grown by 45% compare to last year quarter, EBIDTA stand at Rs 507 crore compare to Rs 303 crore last year quarter. Net profits had grown by 72% compare to last year quarter.

Eicher motor is changing its financial reporting period from 1st Jan – 31st Dec to 1st April – 31st March and this financial year they will have one extra quarter. Looking at the last 12 months of Eicher Motors, the Net revenues had grown by 36% and EBIDTA stands at Rs 1,800 crore compare to last year Rs1,106 crore and Net profits grown by 52%.

Eicher Motors is one of our holdings and we are confident that Royal Enfield and its Buses and trucks business will do better in the future year.

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