So here we are back on 31st December and reflecting back, it was another successful year for Valueoperations fund clients as we had again beaten our benchmarks and had left them far behind.

This year there was not massive shuffle of stocks we did and by average we did invest around 65% of our funds in the market and controlled our risk against the volatility in the market we witnessed in the last quarter.

We did have opportunity to add more Axis Bank in our portfolio and also one of the newest entry in our portfolio was Eicher Motors. We did exited from Tata Motors entirely from our portfolio as we found that asset far riskier than our risk appetite. Our very first goal is to preserve our client’s capital, and understand and control the risk associated with investing in the stock market.

Investing is like a sport and tomorrow on 1st Jan we start our new game. We don’t know how 2016 will be but will not compromise on our values and the quality that we offer to our clients. The third quarter results are standing on our doorsteps and we will keep updating our views and pieces of research on our value blog to keep you updated. From the macro point of view, our eyes are watching every single day on the Oil, US Dollar, Gold and iron ore trends in the market. We think that the new investment theme will emerge from these sectors and also from the new reforms that roll out from the Government of India.

We wish you all the best for the new innings of investment and hope you achieve all your goals and objectives in the 2016. We will see you next week with our coverage on third quarter results and any developments in the market.

Till then enjoy your New Year eve and stay safe!

Aziz Dodhiya is the chief investment officer for the Valueoperations fund which operates as FPI (Foreign portfolio investor) in the Indian market.