Many of you might had spent thousands of rupees and time to learn and search how to be successful in investing. Many people visit our blog in that search and we share with you how we practice our value investing strategy.

Bruce Greenwald is the professor of Finance and Asset Management at Columbia University and also the author of the book “Value investing from Graham to Buffett and Beyond” and many other books and papers. During our academic research we have studied his papers and books and have gained invaluable insight.

On 25th September of this year he presented ‘Value investing and the Mis-measures of Modern Portfolio theory’ as the plenary talk at the 12th annual post Keynesian conference at the University of Missouri in Kansas City.

If you are really passionate to make money from the stock market and really want to understand how to value and conduct research on the businesses spend this one hour of your time with Bruce watching his presentation for free and we guarantee you it will be worth millions to you.

Happy Investing!!