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While writing this blog Nifty 50 is just below 5700 mark. A couple of months back it was trading at almost 6100 mark and many analysts and media were talking about 6500 and some even were talking about 7K.

I think it is almost next to impossible to predict where market will go. We don’t have those special powers for prophecy. The sad part is that many retail investors get stuck in buying either overpriced or third grade stocks and wait for long time for their investments to give them any or no profits!!

Investments in the equity are not at all rocket science. If we can do it successfully then anyone can do that. It is just a matter of learning and adapting skills of picking up the quality stocks.

Charlie Munger is one of the most influential investor in today’s world and is also a founding partner of Warren Buffett in his Berkshire Hathaway business. Personally, I have learnt a lot through his wisdom that he always shares honestly with all the young investors.

Charlie is known as the most logical thinker in the finance fertility. Many readers and investors who visit to our website have asked for literature that can help them out to become more logical and efficient investors.

So here I am here to share one of mine favourite speech given by Charlie on different models he applies to take decisions and have also talked about Ben Graham’s “Mr Market” allegory. Read twice his section of “ Mr Market” to really understand how market behaves and how you should approach it.

While reading that speech you will find that many models that Charlie had talked about resonate with our belief and approach towards investments. If it does to us, it should also be the same with you all.

Here is his entire speech, click here. (Every time I read this I learn something new…)