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    25 companies that will get impacted by demonetisation of currency in India

25 companies that will get impacted by demonetisation of currency in India

There are approximately US$75 trillion in the world and India represents roughly 2% of this global economy. The problem with the black money is everywhere in the world; but mostly it prevails in the Asian economy. More than 75% of transactions in India are done with cash compare to approximately 20% – 25% in […]

Is there any value out there at the moment?


The market is trading above 7700 today after falling down as low to 6800 this year. On a macroeconomic level the earnings of corporate are expected to rise marginally, inflation is under control, there are many new regulations which are due to become law, banks are facing NPA issues and oil is still trading […]

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    5 stocks whose intrinsic values have risen in 2016 financial year

5 stocks whose intrinsic values have risen in 2016 financial year

We are just two weeks away from the end of financial year and it will be wise to say was bad year looking at the index returns. The Nifty 50 have given a return of -13.90% this financial years.

We don’t invest looking at the index, rather we prefer to buy quality stocks at right […]

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The journey of Amar Raja’s founder


Amar Raja Batteries is our very first investments in India and we still own part of this business in our portfolio. Last month the company received an award from “EY Passion to Win” entrepreneur of the year award.

On behalf of the Valueoperations team we congratulate the management of Amar Raja and we do truly believe […]

What sectors outperformed in the year 2015?


If we look at the whole market from the different indices and try to discover what sectors had performed and which individual businesses look attractive to invest in the coming year.

To your surprise the top five indices that outperformed this year are as follows:

Nifty MNC
Nifty Pharma
Nifty Media
Nifty IT
Nifty Auto

Following are the businesses that we […]

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Amar Raja Batteries: Should buy or not…?

We haven’t talked a lot about Amar Raja Batteries from the long time and many investors have asked us for our views on it after recently it had almost fallen down around 30% from its 52 week high.

We always advise investors to invest in the good quality business and keep a track of its […]

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Top 10 pick for the next year

We are in the last month and NSE 50 and NSE 500 had so far given a return of -5.05% and -1.83%. If you had invested in the index fund at the start of the year your returns today are in negative. We have always believed that to be successful in equity investment you […]

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Amar Raja Batteries: Is it good to buy now?


Amar Raja Batteries had fallen down more than 20% in the last month and after looking at subdue first half results of 2016 a lot of pessimistic views have emerged in the market which is not helping the price in the market.

If we look at the results of first half of 2016 than revenues […]

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Wrap up first quarter 2016


We have seen world markets falling down in the last month and our own market have seen terrible month. Nifty 50 has fallen down by almost 9% and market participant are still anticipating more hiccups to come in the future.

It is time to focus, don’t let price to be your master. It is a […]

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I have been travelling in India from past 4 weeks and will be travelling back to Australia this week. The one very frequent exercise we do at Value Operations is to reflect and measure our goals and achievements we had regarding this trip.  We are under the process of doing that in our last […]

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