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Happy New Year from the Valueoperations team…!!

So here we are back on 31st December and reflecting back, it was another successful year for Valueoperations fund clients as we had again beaten our benchmarks and had left them far behind.

This year there was not massive shuffle of stocks we did and by average we did invest around 65% of our funds […]

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Axis Bank @ 52 week low…!!


Today Axis bank stocks fell below Rs 430 per share after hitting highs of Rs 650 nine months ago. After looking its financial results for the year we did said that it is trading at expensive price at that time and did shared our views on this blog. To read that click here.

Today it […]

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Top 10 pick for the next year

We are in the last month and NSE 50 and NSE 500 had so far given a return of -5.05% and -1.83%. If you had invested in the index fund at the start of the year your returns today are in negative. We have always believed that to be successful in equity investment you […]

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Best quality business on NSE?

Regular readers will know that we always stress to invest in the good quality business. If you are sailing in the strong and good quality business you could ride profitably for the long term. It also gives us growth with low risk of capital loss.

Offcourse buying them at sensible valuations is also most important […]

Axis Bank: First half 2016

Axis Bank: First half 2016:

Axis Bank released its 2nd quarter results on 27th October 2015 and they reported a growth of 18% in the total income compare to first half last year. Like all other banks they have witnessed 17% rise in their interest expenses to source the funds. The net profits after taxes […]

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Wrap up first quarter 2016


We have seen world markets falling down in the last month and our own market have seen terrible month. Nifty 50 has fallen down by almost 9% and market participant are still anticipating more hiccups to come in the future.

It is time to focus, don’t let price to be your master. It is a […]

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    Axis Bank: Is it good to invest in this business above Rs 500 per share?

Axis Bank: Is it good to invest in this business above Rs 500 per share?

This is the busiest time for us as almost around 80% of the businesses that we keep close eye on report their full year financial results and also talk about the business conditions out in the woods.

Banking business is the barometer of any country to gauge the economic activity. Here are the few things […]

Best of Warren Buffett….

It’s a weekend time and if you manage your own equity investments then this blog will be a good insight to fresh up your knowledge and to focus back on your investment goals. We are in the middle of full year and quarter 4 earnings season for the 2015 and to take rational decisions […]

Axis Bank up 10% in 10 days…

We have seen a 10% jump in the Axis bank in the last two week. They did reported the third quarter and nine month results. We are witnessing a trend of 18% growth in its underlying profits. This has happened because they have seen their net interest income improving and also the 15% growth […]

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Axis Bank post: Q2 – 2015

Axis bank reported last week and it really impressed us with its results. The day they have released their results they have not stopped their uptrend. Here are the few numbers for this quarter.

2nd Quarter 2015
Half yearly 2015

Interest earned

Other income

Interest expended

Operating Expenses





Banking business is all about lending and deposits. In the last six months […]

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