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7 lessons for investors from the founder of Oaktree…

Howard Marks is the founder and co-chairman of Oaktree capital management and they manage funds of around US$100 billion for their investors. He is also the author of the book ‘the most important thing’ which is one of mine best book with lot of investment insight. After reading Marks book, in a nutshell, there […]

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    Intrinsic value spectrum of IT companies are changing fast…

Intrinsic value spectrum of IT companies are changing fast…

Most of the big IT companies had come out with their second quarter and half yearly results. We had seen weak and negative numbers from most of the companies and are petrified will erase companies’ intrinsic values this financial year.

We are also watching closely this sector for any opportunities available to invest. Many IT […]

HCL Technologies Q2 report card 2017

Almost after two years we had seen revenues growing in double digit for HCL Technologies in Q2 report card. So far HCL Technologies is the only company (Big Company) who had reported double digit revenue growth in its Q2 results.

Total income from operations jumped up by 14.09% to Rs 11,519.21 crore on YoY basis. […]

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    4 quality IT businesses still look cheap on 2017 valuation spectrum

4 quality IT businesses still look cheap on 2017 valuation spectrum

Exactly one month back we posted article on this blog about 10 IT companies that we track, of which 5 are looking cheap. If you read that post you will notice that we pointed out that it is hard to go against the sell tide and buy in falling stocks for your portfolio. In […]

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5 IT businesses that look cheap to buy today

Successful investors are known for deploying their capital into the opportunities which are capable of producing favourable returns over time. Value investing is also of similar concept, where investor buys the securities for less than what they are worth. The concept is simple but it is not easy. Why? Because most of the time […]

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HCL Tech Q1 – 2017: Is it trading at discount?

HCL Technologies reported its first quarter results for 2017 this morning and they look like this:

HCL Tech
Q1 – 2017
Q4 – 2016
Q1 – 2016
% change Q-Q
% change Y-Y



EBIT Margin
0.17 Bpt
0.43 Bpt

Net Profit


In the IT sector, so far we found only HCL Technologies first quarter results as one of the best report card. Revenues grew by […]

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Spectrum of valuations

Few weeks back we wrote about how to value any business and what different models are available to value them (click here to read). Of course, there was no perfect answer to which model to use to value any business, but we concluded that post by showing the importance of right variables to punch […]

What sectors outperformed in the year 2015?


If we look at the whole market from the different indices and try to discover what sectors had performed and which individual businesses look attractive to invest in the coming year.

To your surprise the top five indices that outperformed this year are as follows:

Nifty MNC
Nifty Pharma
Nifty Media
Nifty IT
Nifty Auto

Following are the businesses that we […]

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HCL Tech: Q1 2016

HCL Tech:

IT space is the sector where we are witnessing flat growth in its earnings in dollar terms. The competition is tough and developed countries economies are facing jitters. But nothing stays permanent and should not matter as long as management understands the 5 forces of Porters.

HCL Tech reported its first quarter revenues up […]

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    HCL Technologies: Another great opportunity to grab pie of great business at discounted price…

HCL Technologies: Another great opportunity to grab pie of great business at discounted price…

You do not get this kind of opportunities every day to buy great quality business at discounted price. Looking through our eyes the media has really overreacted on the situation. The headlines like “HCL Technologies’ 15% fall biggest in nearly 7 years”, “HCL Technologies plunges after second sales warning in 6 months” and “Does […]

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