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Is market expensive today?

In our universe of stocks there are only 19 businesses from top 50 businesses by market cap in India. That number translates into 18% or only one out of five represents NIFTY 50 stock index. We have always seen that these 50 stocks by average had always traded at expensive valuations. Out of last […]

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DO SIP work…?


Before I start my post have a look at this advertisement below.

Another clip in regards to SIP, watch for the first one minute thirty four seconds, courtesy Moneycontrol.



The idea of even SIP ‘doesn’t works’ might look silly to most of you, but I do have a very strong opinion that it really won’t work […]

Is it same as it was last time?

Last time when Nifty crossed 8000 levels we shared our views about overall market looks fairly valued and now heading towards overvalued region. From there it climbed to 8,800 levels and retreated back to around 8,200 level. Oil was trading around $100 per barrel and our rupee was trading around Rs 60 per dollar […]

Is India changing its gears….

Things are changing fast in the Indian economy and institutional investors like us are looking for the stability. Like, inflation had dropped last month but it is hard to keep them at those levels all the time. The IMF in the G20 meeting had requested RBI to increase the interest rates (click here) at […]

NIIT TECHNOLOGY: looking through Q1 2015 results

Many investors have come and asked me to share an example when do you sell. As a fund manager, it is not in the interest of investors of the fund for me to share about when we buy or sell any stock. But once we have executed our decision, most of the time we […]

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What sectors are cheap in these high market…

Our investment practice and approach today have made us sit on a large chunk of cash. This doesn’t mean that we are expecting bears taking a grip of the market. What this means is that overall market is swaying away from rationality for the time being.

Markets have all rights to stay irrational as much […]

Is India ready to witness Black Swan moment this week….??

Is India ready to witness Black Swan Moment this week……? The 2000 IT bubble, 2008 market crash, 9/11 and 13/12 terrorist attacks in USA and India is the examples of Black Swan incidents. A very popular writer from finance fertility Nassim Nicholas Taleb had introduced this concept of Black swan in 2007 and has […]

Mr Election Commissioner we just lost 50K crore in value because of your defer notice..!: ONGC Investors

With the recent request by Indian Election commissionaire to Oil Ministry to defer the fuel price till elections get over have given the hiccups to the industry and to the investors. Last year ONGC reported a Net Profits of Rs 23,990 crore (EPS = Rs 28.31) with total revenues of Rs 162,386 crore. This […]

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December Quarter 2013 Wrap up: Part Two

Nifty 50 is trading at 6500 levels and trading at almost life time high. General elections of the country are in front of us and will offer a full opportunity to the market to swing anywhere. This is the time you should be ready with the list of the stocks to consider if market […]

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    General Election 2014: Are you ready with your Investment Plan?

General Election 2014: Are you ready with your Investment Plan?

Many investors on the street are talking about ‘election Bull Run’. Many analysts and reporters are talking about how Indian Equity market reacts to General elections of the country. Many bloggers are also trying to fill the gap of analysis and draw a probability tree of what will happen to the economy if any […]

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