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Third quarter results wrap – Part One

Our team had recently analysed around 500 businesses third quarter results and I have gone through roughly 60 -70 businesses which are on my watch list (not all are on wish list!). In this first part of mine blog I am sharing my opinion on 24 businesses of which 11 businesses have disappointed me […]

How to Invest in 2014

Due to the technical glitch during Christmas week and first week of this New Year our website was not working and we were not in touch with you. But now we are all good and wish you all the belated happy New Year. As promised here is what you should look to invest with […]

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Are you your own Enemy….?

It has been three weeks I am in India and had many opportunities to talk with so many retail investors. This was the first time that I had discussions about investments with them and was amaze to hear different concepts and approach they all apply while investing. They did asked my opinion on the […]

Is Petronet LNG is a value trap?

It has been a long time now to write anything on the blog. Well, there are not many opportunities available today in the market to look at but we still found one to consider. We were just browsing through the gas sector and found two businesses that attracted us to invest with. One was […]

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Why Brokerage firms are so upbeat about L&T recently? #12

When investors talk about L&T, so called Blue Chip Company of India, that we don’t believe it is today, we could not stop to write about it on our blog. L&T is an engineering company which mainly operates in construction and manufacturing sector. The main three segments they work in are engineering and construction, […]

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    What is better…BHEL, Crompton Greaves or Suzlon Energy….? #10

What is better…BHEL, Crompton Greaves or Suzlon Energy….? #10

We should always buy stocks thinking we will be not able to sell it. Ever. We justify our own purchases by looking at Value Operations quality and performance ratings, we look for the bright prospects for that business products, look at management’s capabilities in running the business as well as allocation of capital and […]

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Diesel Engines…. #9

Without an estimate for the value of a business and buying its shares is, by definition speculating and betting someone will be willing to pay more at a later date than you just did. This is serious point, speculation is just not owning an unprofitable business or low profitable company and hoping it will […]

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Auto Ancillary #7

To continue further on speculation in my previous post, let me tell you how important it is also to become an informed investor. It’s among those profitable companies where you should truly start to think like an owner of a business rather than a renter of pieces of paper that are represented by wiggles […]

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How to analyze banks quickly…. #5

Let me start this post with review on our previous sector. After first quarter results of Maruti Suzuki, we still expect its earnings to be Rs 102 per share and that translates its intrinsic value for 2014 to be Rs 915 and 2015 to be Rs 1,221. It is still trading at premium price. […]

Lets build portfolio together… #1

Background For last 26 months we have shared our insight on many businesses that we like and the one we don’t. We have also shared insight on how to build a portfolio and what should be your approach while investing in this asset class. We thought to take this further and build a portfolio […]