Wipro results 2016 & outlook for software industry in India

Most of the big IT companies had come out with their full year results and we had seen one common pattern within them, ‘big dividends payout’. Most of the big and quality businesses are already sitting on hefty cash and are keen to grab any opportunity arises from within the industry to invest. Holding […]

Our Universe of stock comprises about 106 stocks

We are standing on the 2016 financial year end and with one day remaining it pretty much looks we will close this year in red. We do follow very closely Nifty500 stocks and this index is trading below -9.30% compare to last year.

By average there are very few stocks that outperform index, the best […]

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Incremental Return on Equity


You all had heard a lot about return on equity and its importance while analysing any business on this blog. Return on equity (ROE) is the most powerful metric to assess the value of any business. Let us understand what is incremental ROE and its importance too in analysing any business.

When a company reports […]

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TCS or Infosys… Which one is trading at discount?

Two IT giants reported their third quarter and nine month results for the 2016 this week. They both are investment quality business but we see a discrimination in valuing both businesses.

Let us have a quick glance on both the businesses results so far:


Q3 – 2016
Q3 – 2015
% change
9 mth – 16
9 mth – 15
% […]

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Earning Season: Quarter 3 of 2016!! Week 1…


The stock market had a terrible 2016 start and had wiped out almost 6% from it in just two weeks. It is important to understand over here that business fundamentals do not deteriorate market price so fast.

In our opinion it is the change of opinion on the valuations by the participants of the market drives the […]

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What sectors outperformed in the year 2015?


If we look at the whole market from the different indices and try to discover what sectors had performed and which individual businesses look attractive to invest in the coming year.

To your surprise the top five indices that outperformed this year are as follows:

Nifty MNC
Nifty Pharma
Nifty Media
Nifty IT
Nifty Auto

Following are the businesses that we […]

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Infosys: Half yearly Results 2016

Infosys has been considered as one of the best value creator in the IT sector for many Indian investors. In last ten years excluding the dividend payouts it has given a 13.5% compounded rate of return which is a good return.

They did reported a jump of 15% in their revenues in the Indian currency […]

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Wrap Up – 2013 -14 – Q4 and full year – Part One

Almost all the listed businesses on National Stock market had reported their last quarter and yearly reports for their businesses. Overall, we did not have any surprises, either bad or good and all of them were to the mark of many analysts’ expectations. I thought to share with you all one of the exercise […]

Infosys: Buy, Sell or Hold….?

The average holding period in any business we have invested in the last 5 years is 3 years. We do not like to trade too often and make our brokers rich rather prefer making money for our clients. Before I start sharing my views on Infosys, it is important to disclose that this article […]

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    if 50 million people say something foolish, it is still foolish..

if 50 million people say something foolish, it is still foolish..

“If 50 million people say something foolish, it is still foolish” I am reading this book, “The art of thinking clearly” by Rolf Dobelli. Will really recommend every investor to read this one. Rolf Dobelli had really explained the content with the help of his own personal examples which makes it more practical and […]

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