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Savings + Compounding = Successful Investing

Let’s get an insight into investing. Investment is all about compounding. The best way to understand the concept of compounding is to ask someone who is planning their retirement. Every Indians dream is to be a “crorepati” when they retire. This magical number is like a fantasy. The important point here to watch out […]

Is Petronet LNG is a value trap?

It has been a long time now to write anything on the blog. Well, there are not many opportunities available today in the market to look at but we still found one to consider. We were just browsing through the gas sector and found two businesses that attracted us to invest with. One was […]

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Growth is not always good…:Warren Buffett

Couple of decades ago the world’s wealthiest man Warren Buffett said that growth was not always a good thing. What? Aren’t companies of the world doggedly pursuing growth? If any economy today has two quarters of negative growth, we call it a recession and recessions are bad. Everyone wants more sales, more profits, and […]

Not out of woods yet….

We are back here to throw more light on Bharti Airtel and indication on how market behaves and has its own mind. We have said it before you cannot trust on market and take investment decisions. Market can mislead and should not be trusted if you are long term investors. We had written earlier […]

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I am feeling happy…!!: Delhi Brother

The first quarter of 2013 has been completed and Nifty 50 had given return of -4.30%. Nobody was expecting a negative return for this quarter especially after the January rally. Well, you cannot predict the market and invest looking at the day to day activities. Delhi brother has an access to our platform and […]

Stock Picking…. By Charlie Munger

While writing this blog Nifty 50 is just below 5700 mark. A couple of months back it was trading at almost 6100 mark and many analysts and media were talking about 6500 and some even were talking about 7K. I think it is almost next to impossible to predict where market will go. We […]

How to look at dividends….

Last week Berkshire Hathaway released its annual report to its shareholders. Many investors and analysts look forward to read and gain insight from the newsletter by Warren Buffett to its shareholder. There is always something to learn from those documents and I am in a custom of reading them almost couple of times. We […]

Think like a business owner…

Our editor for, mentioned that we get more hits on our website when we publish our post with headings like, ‘ 5 stocks value operations fund is digging for more information’ or ‘ 10 stocks to look for to invest in 2013’. To better understand this trend I went on browsing for stock […]

Retail Investors… Hip hip… Hurray!!!!

Last week I received an email in regards to Bharti Infratel’s IPO. We do not invest in IPO’s as it is hard for us to grade quality & performance grading and also believe that you get better opportunity to buy from secondary market at discount price. After reading through the prospectus, my first impression […]

Why ROE…?

We talk and give a lot of importance to return on equity ratio while searching for businesses to invest. We believe that return on equity ratio also helps us to gauge the performance and value those businesses rationally. Many investors and analyst’s consider return on asset as most valuable ratio. But if you invest […]