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    Last week in Indian stock market – 10 July 17 – Vol – 2

Last week in Indian stock market – 10 July 17 – Vol – 2

We started last week with strong gain of close to 1% in all the indices last Monday. The biggest contributor to major indices was because of the sharp jump in the stock price of ITC. ITC jumped up to Rs 342.50, up 6% and at one time it climbed up to Rs 354.80 recording […]

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    ‘Disruption’ of businesses is now old trend: Reliance Jio

‘Disruption’ of businesses is now old trend: Reliance Jio

In the past one decade we had seen new technology had disrupted the old fashioned business practice. Facebook, Google and Apple are the few examples who had changed the business dynamics and how the business is done.

Reliance Industries start-up Reliance Jio is like the last nail in the coffin of ‘disruption’ in telecom industry. […]

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When to sell stocks…

In the last two months or say nine weeks markets have risen by almost 10% and many might be thinking of selling stocks and booking profits, especially when the last year market returns were negative. But many of us might be looking at the same scenario in other way and ask, “Why would I […]

Will NIFTY 50 index of India breach 8000 soon?

We do believe that nobody can predict when NIFTY50 will breach 8000 levels again. We know for sure, in the long run it will not only breach 8000 levels but will also breach 10,000.

If we look at the history, not too far ago, in September 2015 we were trading around same levels and talking […]

Why our returns are better than Indices?

There are not more than 4% of Indian population invests directly or indirectly in the Indian stocks. Majority of them do not believe that stock market is the place to make money. The whole stock market runs on the decisions made through speculation and if we look at the long term returns (5 years […]

Growth is not always good…:Warren Buffett

Couple of decades ago the world’s wealthiest man Warren Buffett said that growth was not always a good thing. What? Aren’t companies of the world doggedly pursuing growth? If any economy today has two quarters of negative growth, we call it a recession and recessions are bad. Everyone wants more sales, more profits, and […]

How to become poor

Reliance Industries is a very popular business in India. A lot of emotions are attached to this business for  lot of investors and traders in the market. Many investors have written emails to me in regards to this business and I have also participated in many discussions and have written posts in past. After […]

Hits & Misses so far…

Many analysts and brokers are talking about start of great Bull Run. I have also read and heard about the index hitting 6700 levels in a year! Let’s get clear with what index is even before understanding those numbers. Well, the index is simply aweighted market, capitalisation weighted, index of prices of companies that […]

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How much cash profits is your business generating…

Earning season is going on and everyone in the office is looking very closely to companies quarterly results. Today I would like to discuss interesting topic which many investors forget to look at, it is called cash profits or surplus cash flow. We think that apart from growing revenues, profits and ROE it is […]

Reliance: Waiting on earnings growth

Reliance is India’s number one company by market capitalisation. Millions of people had invested in this business from almost 4 decades and have made decent money. But four years back when world had to face financial crisis, suddenly a very lucrative business started loosing its charm or in other words its competitive advantage. When […]

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