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Common sense investing series: Part one


Hi, my name is Aziz Dodhiya and I am the chief investment officer for the Valueoperations fund. Our stock market investment approach is simple, we do not bet on daily up’s and down in the market. Instead, we buy outstanding businesses with bright prospects at right price and all the other times we protect […]

Happy New Year from the Valueoperations team…!!

So here we are back on 31st December and reflecting back, it was another successful year for Valueoperations fund clients as we had again beaten our benchmarks and had left them far behind.

This year there was not massive shuffle of stocks we did and by average we did invest around 65% of our funds […]

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What is looking cheap now?

As we are at the end of this financial year and overall it looks going to be negative year and markets are consolidating, the question arises is what stocks are looking cheap and were to look up for investments.

Running through our platform we found few businesses are trading at discounts to its intrinsic value […]

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Wrap up first quarter 2016


We have seen world markets falling down in the last month and our own market have seen terrible month. Nifty 50 has fallen down by almost 9% and market participant are still anticipating more hiccups to come in the future.

It is time to focus, don’t let price to be your master. It is a […]

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Tata Motors: What a disaster!!

Tata Motors, what a disaster! Investors like us who invested certain percentage of their portfolio into this business last year are either in red or neutral on their positions with Tata Motors stock. We think a patience will be tested of many investors who are holding their positions within Tata Motors from last one […]

Enjoy the party!!… but dance near the doors…

The Nifty 50 had fallen down 5% in the last one month and is trading at 8340. When we talk about the concept dancing near the door means that we are still invested in the market but if market stops dancing upwards and changes its course than we are ready to convert our positions into […]

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The third quarter results are out and most of the businesses have come out with their results. The budget for the year 2015 – 16 is out, though we haven’t looked its impact on individual businesses but an increase in service tax will put a bit of pressure on inflation.

This is how the market […]

Tata Motors: Q3 – 2015

The most lucrative and value investing proposition from the top 50 (Market Cap) companies today, we think is the Tata Motors. When they bought the Land rover and Jaguar business we thought that it is too risky for ‘C’ quality business at that time.

Buying Land rover and Jaguar assets improved overall its Balance Sheet […]

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Tata Motors: Q2 – 2015

Tata Motors is one of the good quality stock that as per our view is trading at steep discount today.

Let’s have a glance to its results:

Q2- 2015
1st H – 2015

Net Sales

Total Expenses

Profits from Operations

Finance Cost

Profit before tax


Net Profit


If we look at the DuPont analysis then their return on Equity will be:

ROE= Net Profits/Total Sales* […]

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Stock Advice: Looking Automobile Sector of India

The markets are trading at the all-time high and this is where many investors get scared to invest in the fear of fall. We do not invest looking at where the market is trading, but invest in the business where we feel that they are not trading at their potential values plus also has […]

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