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    JK Bank: The great fall last friday… is it a sign of Bubble in banking sector?

JK Bank: The great fall last friday… is it a sign of Bubble in banking sector?

Just couple of weeks ago we were talking about Black Swan moment and to my surprise, ourselves and JK bank investors just witnessed that small black swan moment. To remind you once again, black swan moment is a rare event or we can say a random event that underlie our lives from the best […]

Savings + Compounding = Successful Investing

Let’s get an insight into investing. Investment is all about compounding. The best way to understand the concept of compounding is to ask someone who is planning their retirement. Every Indians dream is to be a “crorepati” when they retire. This magical number is like a fantasy. The important point here to watch out […]

Infosys: Buy, Sell or Hold….?

The average holding period in any business we have invested in the last 5 years is 3 years. We do not like to trade too often and make our brokers rich rather prefer making money for our clients. Before I start sharing my views on Infosys, it is important to disclose that this article […]

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Do you know…?

A very good friend sent me last weekend a clip from CNBC TV18 and questioned us how can we miss out such a great investment idea. Well, here is the link of that clip (Click Here). Before reading further I don’t want you to jump and buy Kalyani investments thinking it is trading at […]

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    Mr Election Commissioner we just lost 50K crore in value because of your defer notice..!: ONGC Investors

Mr Election Commissioner we just lost 50K crore in value because of your defer notice..!: ONGC Investors

With the recent request by Indian Election commissionaire to Oil Ministry to defer the fuel price till elections get over have given the hiccups to the industry and to the investors. Last year ONGC reported a Net Profits of Rs 23,990 crore (EPS = Rs 28.31) with total revenues of Rs 162,386 crore. This […]

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December Quarter 2013 Wrap up: Part Two

Nifty 50 is trading at 6500 levels and trading at almost life time high. General elections of the country are in front of us and will offer a full opportunity to the market to swing anywhere. This is the time you should be ready with the list of the stocks to consider if market […]

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I have been travelling in India from past 4 weeks and will be travelling back to Australia this week. The one very frequent exercise we do at Value Operations is to reflect and measure our goals and achievements we had regarding this trip.  We are under the process of doing that in our last […]

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Are you your own Enemy….?

It has been three weeks I am in India and had many opportunities to talk with so many retail investors. This was the first time that I had discussions about investments with them and was amaze to hear different concepts and approach they all apply while investing. They did asked my opinion on the […]

Is it safe to invest in the market today…?

There is a big debate going on whether to invest in this market or not at this time. People are speculating on the both sides and are justifying their opinion. We do get calls, emails and also while meeting people they do want to know our opinion on the market. Firstly, we do not […]

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Why Brokerage firms are so upbeat about L&T recently? #12

When investors talk about L&T, so called Blue Chip Company of India, that we don’t believe it is today, we could not stop to write about it on our blog. L&T is an engineering company which mainly operates in construction and manufacturing sector. The main three segments they work in are engineering and construction, […]

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