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8 habits: you should teach your kids

For a good long time now I have noticed a new culture within the young generation who are either professional or are running their own small business and live from pay cheque to pay cheque. On top of this they also indulge themselves through credit cards or any other extra means available.

It strikes to […]

Buying shares should be like buying groceries for home


If you really understand the concept of intrinsic value then the stock market decline of recent weeks is what you want to happen frequently. It is very important to understand that ‘price’ contains no information about the value.

If I ask all the investors whether they would love to purchase your favourite stocks for 50% […]

All eggs in one basket….

Many investors and finance professor believes and preach not to put all your investments in one basket. But we have a different opinion on it similar to another great value investor and Hedge fund manager Glen Greenberg.

The best description we have found for Glen Greenberg is given in the Pudd’nhead Wilson’s quotes by Mark […]

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    Learn how to invest successfully in one hour… Bruce Way…

Learn how to invest successfully in one hour… Bruce Way…

Many of you might had spent thousands of rupees and time to learn and search how to be successful in investing. Many people visit our blog in that search and we share with you how we practice our value investing strategy.

Bruce Greenwald is the professor of Finance and Asset Management at Columbia University and […]

Where are we heading from here on….?

In the last four months and one week market has jumped up almost 30%. The notion on the street is that by this year end it can jump up another 20% from hereon. We do not take our investment decisions by reading news or the views of the people. In saying that, we do […]

Value investing : Browne way

If you are fanatic like us about value investing than you might have also read many books, blogs and reading materials about Warren Buffett and Ben Graham. Reading and listening about them, you might have come across the name of Charles Browne & Forrest Tweedy. Warren Buffett have said many flattering thing about both […]

Stocks or Cash…..

What could be the worst scenario an investor can face when investing in the stock market? The worst thing that can happen, is permanent capital loss! If everyone understands and accepts this painful fact then the next step is to mitigate that risk and change their style of investing. So, what is the biggest […]

Stock Picking…. By Charlie Munger

While writing this blog Nifty 50 is just below 5700 mark. A couple of months back it was trading at almost 6100 mark and many analysts and media were talking about 6500 and some even were talking about 7K. I think it is almost next to impossible to predict where market will go. We […]

Think like a business owner…

Our editor for, mentioned that we get more hits on our website when we publish our post with headings like, ‘ 5 stocks value operations fund is digging for more information’ or ‘ 10 stocks to look for to invest in 2013’. To better understand this trend I went on browsing for stock […]

Reliance: Waiting on earnings growth

Reliance is India’s number one company by market capitalisation. Millions of people had invested in this business from almost 4 decades and have made decent money. But four years back when world had to face financial crisis, suddenly a very lucrative business started loosing its charm or in other words its competitive advantage. When […]

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