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March 2014 – White paper

Hi Readers, We have released our latest White Paper for – March 2014 today. Just login on our website to access it. Kind Regards Valueoperations Team

Banks – Part two #6

Before sharing the data of another 18 banks and come to conclusion to where to invest, here is an insight for you to think on. To all Speculators: I have written in the media and talked to many investors (who think they are investors!) and also on this blog about speculation. This is another […]

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Is this good time to get back in the Market?

Global markets as well as our market have been unsettled in recent times. In the last one month NSE 500 and NIFTY 50 have fallen down by -5.57% and -4.40% (thank God both the indices recovered almost 2.75%). When market falls, human nature can do odd things to our thought process. In particular, there […]

Fag Bearing and Delhi Brother….

This was an interesting bit and important insight that I wanted to share with you about Delhi brother. Recently we found that Delhi brother had sold its holding in Fag Bearings. We asked him his rationale behind it and this is what he said, “Aziz you know that we are already witnessing depressed growth […]

A dozen of IT companies on our radar…

What is your investment theme? The reporting season is in full swing and Value operations platform has updated so far almost 300 businesses results of the NSE market. One of our themes of investments in India is in regards to its IT sector. It is very hard to believe any investors in India not […]

I am feeling happy…!!: Delhi Brother

The first quarter of 2013 has been completed and Nifty 50 had given return of -4.30%. Nobody was expecting a negative return for this quarter especially after the January rally. Well, you cannot predict the market and invest looking at the day to day activities. Delhi brother has an access to our platform and […]

Stock Picking…. By Charlie Munger

While writing this blog Nifty 50 is just below 5700 mark. A couple of months back it was trading at almost 6100 mark and many analysts and media were talking about 6500 and some even were talking about 7K. I think it is almost next to impossible to predict where market will go. We […]

Value investment Dosage: Ben Graham’s Legacy

As you know, we are value investors and have learnt everything from Ben Graham, Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett. Even we have designed our platform from their teachings which helps us to generate modest returns for our investors. We still don’t consider ourselves as teachers of value investment. We still are the students and […]

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    Straight from Value operations funds analysis desk: Charlie Munger’s corner

Straight from Value operations funds analysis desk: Charlie Munger’s corner

Mind Tree A1     Quality Grading:   2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 A2 B3 A1 A2 […]

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Think like a business owner…

Our editor for, mentioned that we get more hits on our website when we publish our post with headings like, ‘ 5 stocks value operations fund is digging for more information’ or ‘ 10 stocks to look for to invest in 2013’. To better understand this trend I went on browsing for stock […]