Value operations dose research on annual and quarterly reports (Income statement, Balance sheet, Cash flow statement) on 1500 Indian stock (NSE) on a quarterly basis in effort to identify corporations which have strong financial stability and are being traded at an attractive discount.

Get valuable detailed analysis based on concrete numbers provided by Corporate Financial Statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement).

Our analysis is based on financial data of the company. With the use of such extensive corporate financial information we can provide you with a unique view into the inner workings of the company. We can easily gauge the strengths and weaknesses of the business.

With Value operations you now have extensive research (that was) previously enjoyed only by professionals.

In seconds you will be able to answer such questions as:

How much money does the business actually make?

Is management doing a good job running the company?

How much debt does the company have?

Does the business have enough money to pay of its debts?

Are management goals in line with those of the shareholders?

Does management believe the stock price is a bargain?

Does the business have a competitive advantage over its competitors?

Imagine having this type of insight about the business, the possibilities would be endless.

We believe in Evidence based investing. Within seconds you will be able to identify healthy company from an unhealthy one.

You will make intelligent investment decisions based on solid evidence and not vague opinions by so-called “Financial Experts”.

What this will mean for you is fewer losing investments, and many more profitable ones.