We have noticed that many new bloggers have joined our community in recent months. To all of them, with whom I have not interacted by any means, I take this opportunity to welcome you all and appreciate all of your inputs to build this blog as a knowledge bank for value investors.

If you gone through my earlier post and have studied the approach we advocate at Value operations, then let me remind you that this approach is not new to value investing. We have just designed a process to implement what all great investors have been teaching us for decades.

Value investing has worked very well for us and many others who implement on those teachings. We think you should include following 5 most important things in your research work and only invest if you tick all those boxes and if that company is offering a good Margin of Safety.

Those five things are as follows:

  1. 1.Good long-term prospects of the company.
  2. 2.Excellent Return on equity with sustainable competitive advantage to sustain those returns.
  3. 3.Less or no debts
  4. 4.Surplus cash flow
  5. 5.Quality Management

If you find all those characteristics in any company, we call them extra-ordinary businesses and they are worth to invest when they are trading at cheap.

All the above things are not new or we didn’t just come up with those ideas overnight. Many of the great value investors have advocated about those qualities. We have just refined the process which can easily be executed by retail investors and help them in their research.

What we want to share with you all is the same thing but in the voice of all those investors. There are five clips, all together of approximately 2 hours. But let me assure you that those 2 hours are worth spending listening to them if you have not before.

Part One



Part Two


Part Three


Part Four


Part Five