If we look at the whole market from the different indices and try to discover what sectors had performed and which individual businesses look attractive to invest in the coming year.

To your surprise the top five indices that outperformed this year are as follows:

  1. Nifty MNC
  2. Nifty Pharma
  3. Nifty Media
  4. Nifty IT
  5. Nifty Auto

Following are the businesses that we like within these sectors or are investment grade businesses:

Nifty MNC Bosch Britannia Castrol Colgate Cummins Glaxo cons
Nifty Pharma Lupin
Nifty Media Jagran Prak Sun Tv Zee Entertain
Nifty IT HCL Tech Infosys Mindtree TCS Wipro
Nifty Auto Amar Raja Bajaj Auto Eicher Motors


We hold the stocks in our portfolio that are green in colour.

We do believe the above top five sectors will outperform next year and our favourite sectors within them are IT, Pharma and the Auto.

The top five worst sectors are as follows:

  1. Nifty Metal
  2. Nifty PSU Bank
  3. Nifty Realty
  4. Nifty PSE
  5. Nifty Infra

There is no wonder why these sectors had fallen down as all of them are facing head winds like lower commodity price, NPA issues faced by the banks and debt burden Realty and infra stocks.

Nifty Auto


Nifty Bank -11.89%
Nifty Energy -7.34%
Nifty FMCG -3.24%
Nifty Infra -13.99%
Nifty IT -1.48%
Nifty Media -0.10%
Nifty Metal -35.94%
Nifty MNC 3.98%
Nifty Pharma 3.91%
Nifty PSE -17.32%
Nifty PSU Bank -31.60%
Nifty Realty -19.74%
Nifty Service Sector -7.31%


Aziz Dodhiya is the chief investment officer for the Valueoperations fund and the fund represents as the FPI (foreign Professional Investor) fund under the Indian jurisdiction. The above sectors or the stocks discussed are not to be considered as a personal advice as we are not qualified personal advisers and it is highly recommended to talk to your professional adviser before buying or selling any of the above stocks.