Last Friday Whirlpool of India reported its third quarter and nine months report for the 2016 financial year.

Net revenues from the operations had grown by 14% compare to last quarter and 13% compare to third quarter last year. Operating profit margins stand at 9% for this quarter and for the 9 month period at 11%. Last year Whirlpool reported its profit margins at 10%.

Whirlpool is a great brand and also have good product range. There is no slowdown in building new apartments and houses in the country (a vast consumption economy), Whirlpool is placing themselves at right spot by opening ‘Whirlpool Haute Kitchen’ in many cities and focusing to reach close to its customers. We are watching this space very closely and at the moment are optimistic with their investments in the retail stores.

We do own the stocks of Whirlpool of India in our funds.

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